Hi, I purchased the FAP TURBO course when it first came out. Here are the Fap Turbo Reviews by Week:
And this is my review of the product.

FAP TURBO is a forex robot that runs on your computer. They have a video tutorial section where you get videos that range from 3-7 minutes in length that explain how to setup the system. The videos are extremely well done I was very impressed.  Its good for a beginner or intermediate and you don't need to be a tech genius to figure things out.

You will need a MetaTrader 4 broker and they recommend ForexMeta.com
They recommend doing a demo account to start with their system as you do own the system for life so no rush on making trades. Which is refreshing to hear.

The system has a scalper system and a long term trading system both are explained in the videos.

The Good ..........

* FAP Turbo has some high quality video tutorials that show you exactly how to set up all your screens. Very professional well done.

* FAP Turbo is a robot so you don't have to search all day for your trades it automatically places them for you. The course is reasonable priced at just $149.  So it won't break the bank.

* FAP Turbo offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Which is always nice and the only type of products that I will purchase have a guarantee. (And actually a nice trick for this is whenever you order thru clickbank the product ALWAYS has to offer at least a 8 week guarantee on it.  And if you aren't getting a response from the product provider contact clickbank at refunds@clickbank.com and include your clickbank receipt # and clickbank will provide you a refund no questions asked!)

The Bad ......

FAP Turbo is a robot which is great but the robot will only run when you are online. So if you are offline or turn off your computer the robot will not enter trades for you.  Will you miss the big trades?

They have solved that problem via a forex hosting service where it will host your robot on a server so it doesn't matter if you are online or not.  The problem with it is $70 a month.  Which is no big deal if you are making money with the program.  But if you are newbie and money is tight that may be a problem.   I do recommend getting the monthly service as it is refundable thru clickbank so if it doesn't work get a refund.

UPDATE:  We have found a $35 a month option that works very well and we have used it for a couple of months.

The UGLY ........

* I didn't find anything UGLY with FAP Turbo. Overall I feel its a solid system to trade. I would suggest demo trading it first so you are comfortable with it.  With the 60 day money back guarantee and all the videos and Forex Robot that FAP Turbo offers this is a product you should try. If you demo trade it and its not for you get your money back and you lost nothing but a little bit of your time.



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We have traded the system now since the end of November 2008.  Both in demo and live trading.  We have seen many things during those many weeks of trading some good and some bad.  This is a forex robot so it does have some major benefits such as not having to watch the computer screen all day.  Every program has problems with it and this one isn't immune to them. However over the weeks we have traded this system we have found what works and what doesn't.  We are happy with the robot at this time and plan to trade it for a long time. The longer term strategy really looks promising and we are excited to watch the results each week. We would love to help you as you trade this robot.

I will be updating the results I have with the FAP Turbo system each week. If you are interested in seeing my results sign up to the list below and get them each week.
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